Carolina Rocks

Erica Lineberry
2015, 288 pages
$41.95 ea.
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CAROLINA ROCKS: The Piedmont By Erica Lineberry
2015, 288 pages
$41.95 each

The Piedmont region of North Carolina contains four distinct climbing areas; each with their own cultures and strengths.

  • Moore’s Wall is one of the best destinations in the east for steep trad climbing on perfect quartzite. As a bonus crowds are small with organized groups almost non-existent. Enjoy one to three pitch routes from moderate to hard core. Best Spring to Fall.

  • Stone Mountain is the east coast’s best friction area by far. Acres of unblemished granite make this a must do destination for slab aficionados. The setting is magical and the climbing amazing. Best October to March.

  • Crowder’s Mountain contains a large mix of trad, top rope, and sport climbing near North Carolina’s largest city. Best Fall to Spring.

  • Pilot Mountain is located minutes from Winston-Salem. Recent re-bolting efforts have contributed to the areas status as the States most popular climbing area with super-easy access to great top rope and sport climbing. Some trad routes area also available. Best Fall to Spring.

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